About Dr. Sam

About Dr. Sam

Physician, Professional Musician (Harmonicologist), Entertainer, and Medical Informaticist, Radio and Television co-host, Dr. Sam has been delivering his "music with a message" and entertaining at healthcare events, professional conferences, corporate meetings, conventions and political events in more than 40 states since 1996. He has been featured in leading national publications such as People Magazine and USA Today, and such national radio and television venues as CNN, FOX TV, CNN, and National Public Radio.

He is also a nationally recognized expert in healthcare industry issues, recognized for his keen insight on where the industry is headed and what it's needs will be in the future.

Using satirical lyrics, humor and music to draw attention to issues of significant impact to our country and to our society, Dr. Sam and his band The Managed Care Blues Band provide a great musical show for a fun-filled evening. Though Dr. Sam often identifies the band by the "issue of the day" that he addresses on his CD's or at live performances (such as ), the band is essentially always the same group of extraordinary musicians and entertainers that have backed up Dr. Sam for more than 10 years.

All of his band members are professional musicians who have successful careers of their own, and many tour with nationally known recording artists, contributing to an unforgettable evening of music guaranteed to tickle funny bones and inspire audiences to dance the night away.

His CD's have been distributed to every member of the United States Congress. When he first launched the Managed Care Blues Band to national acclaim in 1996, among those lauding his efforts were President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and Iowa Representative Greg Ganske. Dr. Sam's first CD "Minimal Service - CPT 99211" was the number two best selling blues CD by a new recording artist on Amazon.com.

Thousands of Dr. Sam's CD's have been purchased for personal enjoyment, professional gifts, premium products and conference hand outs.

Dr. Sam currently serves as a technical advisor to the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), an advisory body to the US Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security - and as an executive on the Board of Directors for Vets Helping Heroes, a 501(c)3 charitable organization which provides service dogs for our wounded veterans who have suffered combat physical or emotional injuries. He is also serves on the Advisory Council for Voices United for Veterans which seeks to alleviate homelessness among our veterans.

In 2007 Dr. Bierstock was awarded the prestigious George Washington Honor Medal, Freedoms Foundation for responsible citizenship for his work in honoring our aging veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

In receiving this award, Dr. Bierstock joins the ranks of past distinguished award recipients:
  • 1998 - Chief Justice William Rehnquist
  • 1982 - Chief Justice Warren Burger
  • 1979 - Dr. Alton Ochsner
  • 1977 - Lowell Thomas
  • 1970 - Bill Pierson
  • 1962 - Walt Disney
  • 1961 - Hon. J. Edgar Hoover
  • 1956 - Hon. J. Edgar Hoover

To learn more about Dr. Sam's work in the healthcare arena, please visit www.ChampionsInHealthcare.com. Dr. Sam is the founder of this leading edge informatics consulting firm which specializing in helping the healthcare industry create electronic medical records that will be accepted and used by physicians (physician adoption of technology) and other clinicians (clinician adoption). Champions in Healthcare is staffed by some of the nation's leading medical physician and nurse informaticists.