Goin' Bare

Dr. Sam & the Frivolous Action Blues Band ®
The World's Most Exposed Band

"Goin' Bare"

Just trying to continue to Provide Managed Musical Services by practicing Defensive Music

Due to ever-rising malperformance insurance premium rates and excessive litigation, Dr. Sam has been forced to provide even more music to cover every possible musical interpretation and protect himself from unhappy fans. (He didn't really want to make this CD which just costs his fans more money).We hope you'll understand as you listen to Dr. Sam and his paranoid group of talented musicians, unfortunately now "The World's Most Exposed Band"

$19.95 CD Price

Dr. Sam has fun with frivolous action lawsuits with great music and good-natured hilarious lyrics - this time with

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"Goin' Bare" Song List

They've Got Deep Pockets - Let's Sue

Fine Print

Goin' Bare ('Cause I Can't Get No Tail in This Town)

A Ploy Named Countersue

Oh Humana

The Jury Consultant Blues