Meet the Band

Dr. Sam

Danny MarksSince 1996, The Managed Care Blues Band has enjoyed a great deal of success in communicating Dr. Sam's political messages and good-natured satirical lyrics in a manner that is enjoyable for all. Dr. Sam has always insisted upon the best music possible, and at the root of this success lies the enormous talent of the professionals who make up The Managed Care Blues Band. All of the members of Dr. Sam's band are full-time professionals with long and successful careers as recording artists and performers.

Danny Marks

Danny Marks Danny Marks is a life-long entertainer - from the top of the charts with the band The Bear, to a history as one of Canada's most popular performers and entertainers, to his ongoing presence as one of Canada's leading guitar players, to his popular BLUZ FM radio station. With his golden voice, masterful guitar playing and engaging presence as a performer with a knack for holding his audiences in the palm of his hand, Danny has been a foundation for the Managed Care Blues Band

Peter White

Peter White Peter White been performing on stage professionally for 30 years as a first rate bass player, guitar player and lead singer. He has toured the country for more than 20 years performing more than 250 performances per year, and has been with Dr. Sam from the band's beginning in 1996, singing and playing bass on many of the band's most popular songs.

Joe Moss

Joe Moss Whether on drums, keyboards or vocals, Joe Moss brings a lifetime of professional musicianship to the stage. He's played piano since age 7 and drums since age 12, and played professionally with well known Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh and Eric Blackstead producer of the Woodstock album. He's produced albums and movie tracks and traveled extensively with numerous road show bands through out the continental U.S. including: Las Vegas, Canada, The Virgin Islands, Atlantic City and brief stints in Europe, performing with Freddy Cole, younger brother of Nat "King" Cole and other well known performers. He played drums for the well known classic rock band "BREEZE" from 1984 to 1992.

John Melnick

John Melnick After eight years of study in classical piano, John Melnick launched an entertainment career that led to his success as a popular performer for major cruise lines, as well as venues in both the United States and the Caribbean Islands. A gifted singer and song writer, John collaborated with Dr. Sam to write and perform "Before You Go" which has received widespread acclaim as a heartfelt tribute to the veterans of World War Two

Bobby Guercia

Bobby Guercia Bobby Guercia Has been performing with professional groups since age 12. Specializing in creative playing he has been featured on many commercials and record albums, and as a soloist, and and "featured artist" at jazz festivals all over the country. He has performed with many artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Sonny & Cher and of course Dr. Sam. His instruments include soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxophone as well as piccolo, flute, alto flute & clarinet