Minimal Service - CPT 99211

Dr. Sam & the Managed Care Blues Band ®

Dr. Sam & the Managed Care Blues Band ®
The World's Most Reluctant Band

Minimal Service - CPT 99211

"Dr. Sam & the Managed Care Blues Band ®"

Dedicated to Equal Access to Music for all Americans through Managed Music Services

Since Dr Sam provides "Managed Musical Services", he likes to perform as little service as possible. Based on the same principals used by the Managed Care industry, he produced "Minimal Service-CPT 99211" so people could hear his music at home, and he could reduce the amount of actual performance of service that he had to provide with his band. (This helps him keep his performance overhead down.). Click on the CD below to enjoy Dr. Sam and "The World's Most Reluctant Band"

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Dr. Sam's hilarious "Managed Music" CD with 13 original and parody tracks by Dr. Sam and The Managed Care Blues Band

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"Minimal Service - CPT 99211" Song List

Checkin' On My Records (Everybody's Had A Look)

Managed Healthcare Blues

I Done Been Hired

That Real Fine Check

Move On Down The List

No Overnight Blues

You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Blue Shield

Capitation Blues

Another Case Of Shingles Blues

You're One Hip Mama -'Cause They Won't Pay For Two

New Baby Blues

Mastoid Sally