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Healthcare Reform Blues

Here we go again!

Lots of fun—good music—and a message

Legislative battles, the need for tort reform, an overhaul of our healthcare system - it's enough to give you the
"Healthcare Reform Blues"

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"Healthcare Reform Blues" Song List

Healthcare Reform Blues

My Treatment Chart

A Ploy Named Countersue

Checkin' On My Records

Might As Well Face It - Paper Won't Be Here Long

You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Blue Shield

Gangrene Man

Oh Humana

Goin' Bare

Jury Consultant Blues

Back Spasm Woman

Road Grooves

Minimal Service - CPT 99211

Dr. Sam & the Managed Care Blues Band ®

"Minimal Service - CPT 99211"

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"Minimal Service - CPT 99211" Song List

Checkin' On My Records (Everybody's Had A Look)

Managed Healthcare Blues

I Done Been Hired

That Real Fine Check

Move On Down The List

No Overnight Blues

You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Blue Shield

Capitation Blues

Another Case Of Shingles Blues

You're One Hip Mama -'Cause They Won't Pay For Two

New Baby Blues

Mastoid Sally

Goin' Bare

Dr. Sam & the Frivolous Action Blues Band ®

"Goin' Bare"

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"Goin' Bare" Song List

They've Got Deep Pockets - Let's Sue

Fine Print

Goin' Bare ('Cause I Can't Get No Tail in This Town)

A Ploy Named Countersue

Oh Humana

The Jury Consultant Blues