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Song Clips

Healthcare Reform Blues

Here we go again!

Lots of fun—good music—and a message

Legislative battles, the need for tort reform, an overhaul of our healthcare system - it's enough to give you the "Healthcare Reform Blues"

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"Healthcare Reform Blues" Song List

Healthcare Reform Blues

My Treatment Chart

A Ploy Named Countersue

Checkin' On My Records

Might As Well Face It - Paper Won't be Here Long

You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Blue Shield

Gangrene Man

Oh Humana

Goin' Bare

Jury Consultant Blues

Back Spasm Woman

Road Grooves

The following Dr. Sam CDs are available for download or shipment.

Minimal Service - CPT 99211

Dr. Sam & the Managed Care Blues Band ®

"Minimal Service - CPT 99211"

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Goin' Bare

Dr. Sam & the Frivolous Action Blues Band ®

"Goin' Bare"

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"Minimal Service - CPT 99211" Song List

Checkin' On My Records (Everybody's Had A Look)

Managed Healthcare Blues

I Done Been Hired

That Real Fine Check

Move On Down The List

No Overnight Blues

You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Blue Shield

Capitation Blues

Another Case Of Shingles Blues

You're One Hip Mama -'Cause They Won't Pay For Two

New Baby Blues

Mastoid Sally

"GOIN' BARE" Song List

They've Got Deep Pockets - Let's Sue

Fine Print

Goin' Bare ('Cause I Can't Get No Tail in This Town)

A Ploy Named Countersue

Oh Humana

The Jury Consultant Blues

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